FQQ #2

Second installment of Frequently Queried Queries. Also known as “where do you people come from and how are you getting here?”

This time around, the search string that brings people to my site more than any other is “mike ness tattoos.” So let’s talk about them, shall we? He has a few. Here are some of them.

mike ness

He doesn’t like to talk about them much. Sometimes, some interviewer will have missed that memo and ask him about his next one, and he will say he’s done. No more tattoos. And then he will show up two weeks later with a new one on his face. Yet another reason not to believe a word he says. Recently, however, he did give an interview to Tattoo Artist magazine where he’s actually pretty forthcoming about them, and possibly even honest. You should read it if you are interested in this vital topic.

Q. kraken tattoo
A. I don’t even talk about tattoos that much on my blog, guys. How am I getting all these tattoo people showing up? Anyway, yes, I have a kraken tattoo. His name is Sven. He’s Canadian. He likes the Toronto Maple Leafs. I have been known to shout RELEASE THE KRAKEN and brandish my arm at people. Here he is now:

kraken tattoo on my left forearm

And here is as much of the story as I am willing to tell in public.

Q. fermata wrist tattoo
A. Yes, I also have one of these.

fermata wrist tattoo

Q. dysgenic affectation
A. oh, reader, that’s a good one! Sadly, I have no idea what you were looking for and I have no comment on it. I’m so sorry. Although I suppose we could talk about its use as a defense mechanism, but I need some time to formulate my argument if we’re going to go there.

Q. meeting jack grisham
A. what about it? I think he’s doing book readings out in the LA area, and there are a few TSOL shows on the books, too. Go to one. Say hi. He’s friendly.

Q. is there any psychobilly shows in chicago this week
A. Are. Are there any psychobilly shows in Chicago this week. And yes, probably. What you need to do is register with songkick, and it will send you email whenever there is a show in your town by one of the artists you like. You can do it automatically, by pulling in artists from your itunes, last.fm or pandora. Or you can do it manually, and type in the name of a band you’d like to track. It will give you similar artists, and you can track psychobilly bands all day from there. It will also keep a calendar for you, which is quite lovely, and I believe there are mobile apps as well. Sonic Living does more or less the same thing, but I much prefer Songkick.

If you are not into planning ahead and just want to go out and do something right the hell now, well. I so rarely do that that I don’t have any good advice for you. I would check the last.fm events page, because it will rec me things based on the artists in my library, and the listings are usually pretty complete. If I can’t find anything there, then I start hitting up the venue sites, but I bet the Reader has pretty complete listings, too, if you want to be oldish-school about things.

Q. would you leave a psychobilly for a metalhead?
A. No.



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