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just another one-night stand

Quick round-up of shows I have seen in the last few months but, for whatever reason, didn’t get around to writing about. So behind the cut: The Damned, the Meat Puppets, the Koffin Kats (part III) and John Doe.

dave vanian and captain sensible at the metro
the damned’s captain sensible and dave vanian, metro, 2011-10-25

I love the Damned. Like. A lot. They were celebrating their 35th anniversary by playing 1977’s Damned, Damned, Damned and 1980’s The Black Album back-to-back. The former is one of the greatest albums of all time ever, the latter is not far behind, and there was no way in hell I was missing this show. The band came out and waved and Dave was in his dark suit and sunglasses like one of the original gothboys that he is, and Captain Sensible looked like a guy wearing a Captain Sensible costume, and the bassline of “Neat Neat Neat” kicked in and I smiled and danced for hours. I knew I would enjoy the show, but oh my god, I had so many Feelings. It was actually a bit overwhelming! I tried for weeks to write about this show and couldn’t do it, but it was one of the best this year.
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i hate summer

Sometimes I spend an entire Saturday writing blog posts, and then I schedule them to be published every few days and feel really on top of my shit, and then I don’t even think about this blog for a month. All my news gets really stale, and then I write an epic post in one go instead of breaking it up and spreading out my amazing content. This is that post! Sort of. In September, I did some more traveling, got some more tattoos, and went to six shows. Short writeups of those shows (Koffin Kats, DOA, Okkervil River, Dave Hause, The House That Gloria Vanderbilt, and Fucked Up) to follow.

koffin kats @ reggie's, 2011-09-08
koffin kats @ reggie’s, 2011-09-08

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it feels good to say what i want

Hello, friends! Been a while, and I’m sure you’ve all been wondering what the hell I’ve been doing with myself. Answer: reading (pretty sure I’ve read 30 books in 30 days), traveling (I have been at the airport once a week for the last month), and not a whole hell of a lot else. I have a bunch of book reviews half-written that should theoretically be going up very soon, but for now, here is a concert report for the last month, some tattoo ramblings, something about traveling, and a little about cats. Warning: long.
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can you keep them in the dark for life

Last week’s shows: Calabrese, Danzig.

calabrese at reggie's
calabrese @ reggie’s, 2011-05-20

Last Friday I found myself at Reggie’s again, to see some horror punk band I didn’t know anything about, Calabrese. My decision was almost entirely — no, sorry, it was entirely entirely — based on the fantastic time I had seeing the Koffin Kats. I don’t know if it’s a standing gig or what, but Reggie’s seems to have what I am calling psychobilly night on pretty regular Fridays. There’s a handful of local bands on the bill, often the same ones (because how many *billy/horror punk bands can there be in Chicago? Seven, apparently), and it’s like $10 for five bands, and the headliner puts on a good show, and it’s an excellent night.
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koffin kats: party time

vic victor of the koffin kats
koffin kats | 2011-04-29 | reggie’s rock club | chicago, il

Last week, a friend was in town, and I said, “hey, we should go see some punk rock.” He said that sounded like a good plan, and so I sent him a list of shows. Of the bands playing last week, the only ones I had ever heard of were playing on Thursday, a day he was not free. This basically left Friday, and a bill I described via text message as “psychobilly strangeness but probably kickass.” And man, I was absolutely correct.

I had never heard of the Koffin Kats. Sure, I like psychobilly, but I am not immersed in it and never have been. Like, are there waves of psychobilly? Do the Cramps count? They are proto-psychobilly, I guess. So anyway, my point is that I know bands like Mad Sin and the Nekromantix and the Meteors, which, if there are waves of psychobilly, they’re probably first-wave. I had not ever heard of the Koffin Kats. I went to last.fm and played Koffin Kats radio long enough to assure myself that the show would not suck. Then I went to the show.

And holy shit, you guys. Holy fucking shit. That is more or less what I have to say. They’re a three-piece, guitar and drums and stand-up bass. The bassist, Vic Victor, is also the frontman. And I was like, oh, a dude with a stand-up bass, how dynamic a frontman can he possibly be?

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